Hybrid.Transport Bag / Sustainable Packaging

The objective of this class project was to research one of three shoe companies given to us and redesign their packaging in regards to sustainability and then create a marketing component.

The idea here was to use shoe boxes made of 100& recycled post-consumer cardboard for the purpose of shipping and storage. These boxes are simply for protection during transport and ease and efficiency in stockrooms. Customers would not be taking these boxes home. The boxes are shipped back to the factory/warehouse to be reused again until they are too worn. By that time, the boxes would be recycled to form new boxes, essentially creating a closed loop cycle. The goal behind this process is to cut down on the negative impact that the manufacturing and recycling processes has on the environment.

The boxes will hold a pair of shoes as well as a simple one-shouldered backpack that the customer receives upon purchase of the shoes. The bag would be made of a bamboo cotton canvas, with biodegradable zipper and buckle so that if and when the consumer wishes to dispose of it, it is easily compostable under the right conditions.

The Hybrid.Transport bag would act as a shopping bag to take the shoes home in, but afterwards, it acts as a great everyday bag for the typical Keen consumer.

Below are the promotional piece, a magazine insert, as well as a sample version I created of the Hybrid.Transport bag.