Wellman Wayfinding

For the final project of my Designing Information class, I set out to redesign the wayfinding system of a building on the UC Davis campus that I had found confusing to navigate when trying to find a classroom for the first time.

The first images at the top demonstrate the unhelpful and un-designed wayfinding system at Wellman Hall. The first two signs? Completely misleading. Sure, you go down that direction at first, but there are no additional signs to lead you further along and before long, you're at the end of the hallway. Lost.

The door numbers? I don't even really know what to say about them.

And that map? The only map of the building is found in a completely random spot in the basement of the building. I didn't even know the basement existed until about my second year at Davis.

After researching how people found their way through this building and conducting a general survey of how people interacted with everyday wayfinding systems, I set out to create a system that would be helpful for new students and visitors.

I printed out a quick mock-up to see how it would look in location. The actual sign on the left was usually ignored when I was conducting my studies of people finding rooms. My mock-up was a lot more visible. It was left up for awhile and I actually had people come to tell me it helped them find their classroom.