UC Davis West Village Net-Zero Energy Walkabout

The purpose of West Village is to provide a dynamic mixed-use community that offers opportunities for students, faculty and staff. One of the three core principles of this campus is based on environmental responsiveness. West Village is a “zero-net energy” community that stresses energy efficiency measures and on-site renewable resources.

The objective for this project is to allow first time visitors to familiarize themselves with the newly constructed West Village, located in Davis, California.The mission is to construct a way-finding strategy that offers users an insight to the benefits of West Village.

The tour is intended to be self-guided and takes the visitor around the main sites on campus that feature a part of the community's efforts for net-zero energy efficiency. Located at each stop are pylons that give visitors some basic knowledge and fun facts about energy practices of West Village.

Energy practices featured are the use of wind power, a passive solar system, water systems, a biodigester, solar panels, and transportation.

The route of the tour is intended to give the visitor a general overview of the whole West Village site, and gives the visitor ability to explore on their own, if they wish to do so.

The shape of the pylon was influenced by the rooftops of the proposed mixed-use buildings on the Village Square.

This project was mentioned on SEDG Blog.