Lucky Bag 2018


Creative Producer: Christina Fung
Art Direction:
Christina Fung
Illustration: Steph Fung 
Design: Christina Fung, Steph Fung
Copywriting: Kathryn Freitas-Seitz
Client: Beautylish

At the end of every year, Beautylish puts together a mystery bag for sale that is shipped out in the coming new year. It is based on the Japanese new year tradition  fukubukuro and was started by Beautylish as a thank you to their customers and community.

Every year, we work with a different illustrator to bring a theme to life. One of the most fun things about this project is that we get to create a custom wrapping paper and a hangtag for the products that come in the Lucky Bag. For the 2018 version of the Lucky Bag, I had the great pleasure of working with Steph Fung (no relation!). I love her cute illustrations and I had been waiting all year to be able to ask her if she would work on this project with me.

The theme of Lucky Bag 2018 was the Seven Lucky Gods of Japan. It was a really fun project to work on and I even turned Steph’s illustrations into gifs for the landing page.

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