Wayne Goss 
The Luxury Lip Collection


Art Direction: Christina Fung
Christina Fung
Photography: JJ Stratford
Client: Beautylish / Wayne Goss

We started to plan for the first cosmetics’ launch from Wayne Goss before the COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place orders were enacted. We had grand plans for a campaign shoot with models but we had to downsize our efforts for the safety of the team involved. The campaign still turned out beautifully and the launch was a success!

Coming Soon Teaser

Wayne Goss had been working on a cosmetics line for years; he had hinted at it to his followers in previous years – but now it was finally going to be released! I wanted to tease the launch – no one knew what the products were going to be and I wanted to help drum up the intrigue and hype.

Collection Launch

The collection launched with a longform sales page displaying the 3 products in the collection: lipstick, lip gloss, and lip pencil and featuring quotes from Wayne Goss himself.

cafcafcreatif.com / christina fung
cafcafcreatif.com / christina fung